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artistic photographic portraits:

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identity love.
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a community for photographic portraiture.
moderated by l. _bigbiglove & b. plastickitten

♥ photographs must be artistic in nature and good quality, no web cam please.

♥ "photos of me when I was bored" are discouraged. remember that art is as much skill and talent as it is intention. an artistic portrait should be taken with due respect to lighting, focus, composition, contrast, colour harmony, etc. stating any influences would be lovely. photoshop is allowed but please dont use shit filter effects.

♥ portraits need not be always focused on face, they may depict human nature, emotion, fashion etc - if you are unsure of whether your photograph is suitable, need not hesitate in posting, but posts may be deleted if deemed unsuitable.

♥ please post no more than a series of 3 photos per entry. one may be used as a display in your entry, the rest should be placed behind a lj-cut

♥ constructive critique and tips can be given accordingly, don't abuse this right or you will be banned

♥ advertising other communities is strictly forbidden

♥ we do not care if you are HaWtLyKwHoA, CrZySXCkOoL and/or gOtHiC/EmO/etcXcore. do not expect to be rated.

love from your mods
leesh and bei.

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